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- How to be a partner?

Manos UnidasYou may find partners in all Europe (including countries of future membership and South America countries)

Follow the following steps for partnership:

1. Chose a school overseas
2. Contact the overseas school on behalf of 2003 eSchola eJoven Project.
3. Make your contact known to ITE-CECE through email.
4. Develop partnership protocol and make it available online. You may ask ITE-CECE any suggestions and support.
5. Formalize your partnership by completing activities within the monthly eSchola 2003.

- PAwards and results (for partnerships, special mention, participation)

Award for Best Partnerships.
Award for Forum and Chat participations.
Award for sending best news to electronic newsletter.
Award for developing new resources for classroom teaching.
Special Award for schools that participate in all contest categories




· Partnership protocol
· European partnership (PDF)

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