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Spanish Version



· Project documentation (PDF)
· Call for Papers
· Invitation to participate
· Registration Form
· Partnerships Protocol
· European Partnerships (PDF)



All Spanish and European invited to participate will have the opportunity to work in partnerships. For this purpose, some recommendations follow...

· Make use of new technologies to organise partnerships
· Participate in general forum and chats
· Send news to an electronic newsletter
· Set up new resources for classroom teaching


Awards will be given according to five categories:

· PARTNERSHIP AWARD> For best partnership
· PARTICIPATION AWARD> For best use of Forum and Chat
· NEWS AWARD > For Sending Best News to Newsletter
· RESOURCES AWARD > For best resources in classroom teaching.
· SPECIAL AWARD> For schools which participate in all categories

How to participate

To participate you must register beforehand online, by e-mail or sending a fax to:

eSchola 2003 eJoven Fax: 91-7261117.

Both Indivual and Group Submissions are allowed. Teachers and students are recommended to work together.